May 2020 / Worldwide, Vimeo & Zoom
The Legacies of Sarah Maldoror

Following the death of the filmmaker Sarah Maldoror, I created a short film programme and event, which over 2,000 people attended. The latter was done in collaboration with Yasmina Price. The event programme was as follows:

Annouchka de Andrade and Henda Ducados introduce the life and work of their mother, Sarah Maldoror.

A bilingual reading of extracts of Aimé Césaire’s Cahiers d’un retour au pays natal (Return to my Native Land), by Marie-Julie Chalu and Gazelle Mba. Reading of extracts from the work of Frantz Fanon, by Rooney Elmi.

A roundtable discussion about the legacies of Sarah Maldoror. The conversation will consider Maldoror’s work as an archival practice, an alternative form of historiography and a model for the necessity of cultural and artistic practices as part of revolutionary struggle. It will also consider Maldoror’s place as part of a broader context of anticolonial filmmaking around the time of African independence movements and the ways her work might be in dialogue with contemporary Black feminist filmmaking. With Yasmina Price, Beti Ellerson, Awa Konaté, Janaína Oliveira and Nuotama Bodomo, followed by audience discussion. 

March 10 2020 / Regents Street Cinema
Jacqueline Audry’s Olivia (1951)

The first screening of the restored version of Olivia in the UK. With a specially commissioned essay by Emma Wilson.

December 10 2019 / French Institute, London
Marguerite Duras’s India Song (1975)

The second screening of our Marguerite Duras retrospective, introduced by Prof. Richard Dyer. Those who attended the screening received a pamphlet of interviews with Duras, translated by me. 

July 4 2019 / Regents Street Cinema, London
Marguerite Duras’s Le Camion (1977) + ‘Les Mains Negatives’ (1978)

The first screening of our Marguerite Duras retrospective, introduced by Prof. Sarah Cooper. With accompanying essay by Lizzie Homersham.

December 15 2019 / ICA
Feminist Films of Work and Protest

With films selected by Daniella Shreir (Another Gaze) and event programmed by Katrina Black (Jupiter Woods).

Madeline Anderson, I Am Somebody, 1969, 28 min.
Joyce Wieland, Solidarity, 1973, 11 min.
Tanya Syed, Chameleon, 1990, 5 min.
Cecilia Mangini, Essere Donne, 1965, 28 min. 
Mako Idemitsu, At Any Place 4, 1978, 12 min.